Simple recipes for mulberry liqueur

Mulberry always gives a bountiful harvest, and it is not always clear what to do with so many berries. This is where they will come in handy recipes for mulberry liqueur. It is good to use fresh ripe berries for liqueur.

Original mulberry liqueur

Original mulberry liqueur – ingredients

  • Vodka – 1 liter.
  • Mulberry – 1 kg.
  • Sugar – 800 g.
  • Water – 400 ml.

Original mulberry liqueur – recipe

Pour sugar into a pan, fill with water, put on fire, cook for 2-3 minutes after boiling on low heat, skimming the foam. Leave the finished syrup to cool to room temperature.

Mash the mulberry, put it in a jar, add sugar syrup and vodka, mix.

Close the jar tightly and put it in a warm, dark place for 20-25 days. Shake every 4 days.

Filter the finished liqueur through gauze with cotton wool, pour into bottles.

Mulberry liqueur with lemon

Mulberry liqueur with lemon – ingredients

  • Mulberry – 500 g
  • Vodka (cognac) – 500 ml
  • Sugar – 300 g
  • Water – 150 ml
  • Lemon – 2 pieces (small)

Mulberry liqueur with lemon – recipe

Sort the mulberry, wash it, mash it with a fork, put it in a jar, pour it with alcohol.

Remove the zest from the lemon (only the yellow part), add it to the mulberry, squeeze the lemon juice into the jar.

Close the jar tightly with a lid, put it in a cold place for 2 months. We shake once every 10-15 days.

Filter the finished infusion through cheesecloth.

Mix sugar with water, boil the syrup for 2-3 minutes from boiling over low heat. We are cooling.

We mix mulberry tincture with cold syrup, pour it into a jar, close it tightly with a lid, put it in a cold place for 30 days.

Filter through cotton wool. Liqueur is ready for use.

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