Strawberry-banana cocktail

Strawberry-banana cocktail – a light and tasty “recharge” drink after a busy working day. Entertaining yourself and your loved ones is easy! Adding color in rainy weather is easy! Less than 5 minutes and you are happy to TASTE a healthy strawberry-banana cocktail. Cook with Smakota (Smakotainfo.com).

Strawberry-banana cocktail recipe

  • strawberries – 350 g.
  • bananas – 1-2 pieces.

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We wash and clean fruits and berries. Throw them into a cocktail mixer or a vessel in which you will make a cocktail. Beat, make puree from strawberries and banana, add sugar/vanilla sugar if desired. Add 450 ml of milk and beat until smooth so that the fruit puree is combined with the milk.

Pour into glasses or mugs, cut a strawberry and decorate.

We TASTE it and call others to taste the strawberry-banana “charge”!)

So, after work, run to the store, buy groceries (if you don’t already have them) and please yourself and your loved ones with a delicate strawberry-banana cocktail.

And most importantly, cook everything with Love!

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