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Undoubtedly, experienced housewives have many secrets and secrets in their arsenal that save them in the kitchen. Let’s talk with you about these tips and useful trivia, which are relevant and always needed.


Grease the grater on which you are going to grate the cheese with oil. As a result, the cheese will not stick together, and it will be easier to wash the grater.

If there is an unpleasant smell in the kitchen, pour some table vinegar into the pan and keep it on low heat until the vinegar evaporates. You can also soak a small rag in vinegar and leave it on the battery overnight – in the morning the unpleasant smell is gone.

The grater began to cope poorly with products. It will become sharp again if you rub it with sandpaper.

A little salt hidden in the bread box will protect your bread from mold.

You can easily and simply replace mayonnaise with sour cream by adding to it the mashed yolk of a hard-boiled egg and a teaspoon of mustard.

If the knives of the meat grinder are dull, then take the breadcrumbs and pass them through the meat grinder. As a result, you will get 2 in 1: both breadcrumbs for cutlets, and knives will be sharpened.

If an unpleasant smell has appeared in the children’s thermos, it is not a problem: put a few spoonfuls of rice in it, fill it with water and shake it well several times. Then rinse with hot water.

If you are going to use ice for drinks and cocktails, put a cherry berry (from compote or jam) or any other berry in each container. Fill with fruit water and put in the freezer. Such cubes look very impressive.

Found wilted vegetables (greens) in the refrigerator – no problem. They can be refreshed by immersing them first in hot water and then in cold water.

When you cook potatoes in their jacket, the skin sometimes bursts. To prevent this from happening, add a few drops of vinegar to the water.

Soaking in vinegar, kvass, sour milk, cucumber, cabbage or beetroot brine is a reliable way to make tough meat soft.

Fish can be kept fresh for a day or two without a refrigerator. Cut it open and sprinkle it inside and out with coarse salt, then wrap it in a clean cloth dipped in a little sweetened vinegar (1-2 pieces of sugar per pint of vinegar).

To prevent meatballs, fish, meat or pancakes from sticking to the pan, you need to grease the preheated pan with raw egg white.

To cook delicious milk porridge, you need to remember that whole grain cereals (rice, millet, pearl barley) swell and boil more slowly in milk than in water. Therefore, it is better to boil them in water, and then, adding hot milk, bring them to readiness.

To get more juice from a lemon, put it in hot water for 5 minutes before squeezing.

Do not discard the seeds from the sweet pepper when cooking. Collect them and dry them. In winter, they can be added to food. The seeds, by the way, contain more useful substances than the pepper itself and add a wonderful flavor to dishes.

The egg white will quickly turn into a lush foam if it is pre-cooled and a few drops of lemon juice or a little citric acid are added. The opposite is done with the yolk – it loves heat and sugar.

To fry or bake meat with a golden crust, it must be coated with honey.

The liver will be soft if you sprinkle it with sugar before frying, and add salt at the end of cooking.

To prevent the milk from burning during cooking, rinse the pan with cold water, add 3-4 spoons of water and cook over medium heat.

To make the rice crumbly, it should be soaked in cold water for 30 minutes before cooking.

If you want to get tasty vegetables when cooking, you need to put them in water after the water boils. If you want the broth to be tasty, start boiling the vegetables in cold water.

Here are such simple, but at the same time relevant tips that will help any housewife in the kitchen.

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