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Tips for making the best dough

The basis of the preparation of many sweets, bread, donuts, cakes and other flour products is the process of kneading the dough. And the correctly mixed dough is half of the preparation of the intended dish. So, write down tips for preparing the dough and bake.

  1. Always add diluted potato starch to the dough – buns and pies will be lush and soft even the next day.
  2. The main condition for delicious pies is a lush dough that fits well, and for this you need to sift flour. For what? In this way, extraneous impurities are removed from the flour and it is enriched with oxygen.
  3. Add about a tablespoon of semolina per half liter of liquid to any dough (except dumpling, puff pastry, custard, shortbread), i.e. for dough for pies, pancakes, bread, pancakes. The pastry will not dry out for a long time and will be lush.
  4. Necessarily! There should be no draft in the room where you “work” with the dough: it contributes to the formation of a very dense crust on the dough and later on the finished pastry.
  5. Remember this one advice when kneading the dough on yeast All products should be warm or at room temperature. Food from the refrigerator slows down the fermentation time of the dough.
  6. Watch the video recipe of potatoes in the peasant style on the Smakota YouTube channel
  7. Before putting the dough products in the oven, let it rise for 15-20 minutes. Before baking, let the dough rest well, if you did not do this, the dough will not be baked for a long time.
  8. It is best to add unmelted butter to yeast dough, because melted butter deteriorates the structure of the dough.
  9. Yeast for the dough should be fresh, with a pleasant alcoholic smell. Test the yeast beforehand. To do this, prepare a small portion of the dough and sprinkle it with flour. If “cracks” do not appear after 30 minutes, the quality of the yeast is poor.
  10. Here are these tips for kneading the dough with sugar: with an excess of sugar in the dough, the pies quickly “brown” and even burn, the fermentation of the yeast dough also slows down, and the pies turn out to be less lush. Therefore, you should not sweeten the dough too much.
  11. All fats, softened to the thickness of sour cream, are added at the end of kneading the dough, this improves the fermentation of the dough.
  12. To make the finished pies more delicate and lush, put only egg yolks in the dough.
  13. Pies smeared with egg white acquire a shiny ruddy crust during baking.
  14. The more fat and less liquid in the dough, the more crumbly and fragile the finished products are.
  15. Advice on kneading the dough with soda: if you put too much soda in the dough, the cake will be darker in color with an unpleasant smell and taste, so always follow the cooking recipe.
  16. If you need to roll out the dough very thinly, wrap the rolling pin with a clean linen cloth. And you can transfer the thin cake to the baking sheet as follows: sprinkle it with flour on top, the rolling pin must also be greased with flour. Wrap the rolling pin in a cake, transfer to a baking sheet and unfold.
  17. If the dough is too wet, place a sheet of parchment on it and roll out through the paper.
  18. Shortbread pies should be removed from the molds when they are cooled.
  19. Advice on kneading the dough with raisins: before adding raisins to the dough, they should be rolled in flour.
  20. Salt is always added to flour only when the yeast has already fermented.
  21. If the dough has already risen and you don’t have time to put it in the oven, cover the dough with well-moistened paper, having previously removed the water drops from it.
  22. It is better not to cut a hot cake. But if it is necessary, then you need to heat the knife in hot water, quickly wipe it and cut.
  23. If the cake is not removed from the pan, separate it with a string.

Here are these secrets of dough preparation You found out today. We hope that you have learned something useful for yourself.

Cook and bake with pleasure!

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