Tomatoes in their own juice for the winter

Today, Smakota ( offers a proven recipe for tomatoes in their own juice. Such tomatoes are not only very tasty, but serve as a dressing for many dishes: pizza, pasta, soups.

Recipe for cooking tomatoes in your own juice

  • Small tomatoes (for canning) – 3 kg.
  • Large tomatoes (for juice) – 2 kg.

You can use cinnamon or a few peas of allspice as a seasoning.

Wash the small tomatoes, prick them in several places with a toothpick and place them tightly in clean jars. Fill the jars with boiling water and cover with lids.

Meanwhile, prepare the tomato juice. This can be done in different ways: you can squeeze in a juicer or grind tomatoes in a blender and rub through a sieve. Add salt, sugar, cinnamon or allspice to the juice (if desired, you can do without them) and cook for 15 minutes.

Drain the water from the cans. Pour tomato juice, cover with metal lids.

Such tomatoes are well stored even at room temperature.

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