Warm liver salad

Warm liver salad is versatile. It can be eaten both warm and cold. The ingredients for the salad are quite simple, and it is prepared quite quickly.

When it’s cold outside, you want something tasty and warm, cook it warm liver salad, will immediately warm you up.

Ingredients for preparing warm liver salad:

  • liver – 500 g.
  • onion – 2 pcs.
  • green canned peas – 1 can.
  • oil – 30 g.
  • salt, pepper – to taste.
  • greens – to taste.
  • milk – 200 ml.

Preparation of warm liver salad:

Wash the liver in water, soak for a while in milk. Remove from milk, dry. Cut into strips.

Peel the onion and thinly slice it into half rings.

We heat the pan. We pour oil there.

We stew the onion in a pan.

We drop it in a salad bowl, where it will be prepared warm liver salad.

Then put out the liver in a pan until ready. Throw the liver in a salad bowl.

Open the peas, wash them if necessary and put them in a salad bowl.

Salt, pepper, add greens. Mix everything well.

Warm liver salad finished!

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