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Why meat in the oven needs a marinade

And not for nothing, because it can greatly change the taste of meat, allowing you to cook completely different dishes. Despite its apparent simplicity, pickling is a complex process that requires certain culinary skills. Therefore, before choosing a specific marinade recipe, we recommend that you study its features and role in cooking meat in the oven in more detail.

And do you need a marinade when baking in the oven?

Using marinade for meat, you can make it more tender and juicy, and add a spicy, spicy or even sweet taste. Marinating is especially important when cooking in the oven, as it prevents the meat from drying out. It is the marinade that helps maintain a sufficient level of water in the meat fibers, thanks to which they soften and remain juicy.

Equally important, pickling helps speed up cooking. This is explained very simply. Any meat must be matured before baking. This refers to the process in which lactic acid bacteria soften fibers due to interaction with fresh air. But this requires a certain amount of time. You can speed up the process by marinating the meat. The fact is that most marinades have an acidic environment, and it helps to make densely packed meat fibers more loose and, accordingly, softer.

The last argument in favor of using marinade for meat in the oven is the aroma. Very unusual ingredients are often used for pickling, for example, kiwi, mango, grapefruit, pineapple, honey, alcoholic cocktails and much more. The selection of products for marinade is really very large. The ingredients significantly change not only the taste, but also the aroma of the dish, which begins to be felt already when baking in the oven.

Pickling secrets and mistakes

For baking in the oven, it is better to buy chilled rather than frozen meat. Traditionally, it is marinated for 6 hours, but there are also recipes for express cooking. In this case, use products with high acidity, such as lemon juice, pineapple, pomegranate or kiwi. In the preparation of marinade, there are frequent mistakes that should be avoided.

Too much salt

Salt draws out all the water from the meat, making it tough, which makes it hard to chew. But it is also impossible not to salt the meat at all, because it acquires a fresh taste. As an alternative to salt, soy sauce is used, which, unlike it, does not extract water, but on the contrary softens the fibers.

Too many acids: acetic, tomato, lemon

Their number should also be moderate or even completely insignificant. Then any of the acids will add unusual taste notes to the meat. But it is worth considering that they delay cooking, so they are often not used as part of a marinade, but already added to a half-finished dish. It is better not to add classic vinegar, but to replace it with apple vinegar. Table vinegar is usually used for store-bought meat to mask the unpleasant smell, but it is useless for homemade meat.

Too many different ingredients

In the marinade, you do not need to mix everything in a row. As a result, the meat will acquire a strange, incomprehensible taste. It is also worth considering the compatibility of the ingredients. For example, wine does not go well with dairy and fatty products, and pomegranate juice does not go well with mineral water. You can’t overdo it with spices either, because the meat still has to retain its natural taste. And a large number of spicy and excessively aromatic spices will make it a cheap semi-finished product.

If you avoid the listed mistakes, you can learn to pickle from the first time. All that remains is to choose a recipe and keep the meat in the marinade for a sufficient amount of time so that it has time to soak well.

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