Zvara paska is a proven recipe

Before the Resurrection of the Lord, every housewife bakes Easter. Smakota ( offers its proven a recipe for choux pastry. Perhaps such a recipe will suit you. Try it and you won’t regret it.

  • Flour – 500 g.
  • Milk – 250
  • Yeast – 40-50 g.
  • Yolks – from 6 eggs.
  • Salt – ΒΌ tsp.
  • Sugar – 120 g.
  • Oil – 150
  • Raisins – 50 g.
  • Vanilla.
  • Peel

A recipe for making choux pastry

Dilute the yeast in 3 tbsp. milk Boil the rest of the milk and pour in up to 100 g of flour, mix well so that there are no lumps. When the steamed dough is warm, add diluted yeast to it. Put in a warm place so that it fits.

Beat the yolks a little with sugar and salt and add to the solution, when it is suitable, add flour and knead the dough. At the end, add warm melted butter, washed raisins, vanilla and zest (of lemon or orange to your taste).

Put the dough in a warm place, when the dough is suitable (it will increase by 2 times), put it in greased and parchment-lined forms (only the bottom is lined) to 1/3 of the height. We leave the strips to rise again.

When the dough rises, brush it with beaten yolk and put it in the oven for 45 minutes at a temperature of 190-200 degrees.

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